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Summer Foot Safety Tips with Podiatrist Dr. Robert Klein

It used to be nobody talked about foot care!  How wonderful to see this Fox News Headline Health interview with Podiatrist Dr. Robert Klein as he provides some great tips to help maintain healthy feet.

I whole-heartedly agree with Dr. Klein on his recommendations, but I also have to encourage people to not only care for their feet by wearing good shoes and maintaining healthy skin and toenails, but also take the time to learn some quick and easy foot-fitness exercises to help maintain healthy feet.

Each foot contains 26 bones, 33  joints, 107 ligaments, and 19 muscles.  (one quarter of the bones in our entire body are in our feet! )

It’s important that we maintain strength and flexibility through the toes, feet, and ankles to assist with balance, body control and pain-free movement.  Just putting our feet in a pair of shoes and going out for a walk, isn’t enough to maintain excellent foot fitness!  Especially as we get older…  Which is why I wrote the book Fantastic Feet! Lots of great foot specific exercises that are simple to do, and extremely effective for helping to stretch and strengthen the ankles, arches, and toes.

Our feet shouldn’t hurt!  If you have foot pain, go see your podiatrist to address any medical concerns, then consider getting a copy of Fantastic Feet, so you can blend foot-care, with foot fitness for optimal foot health.

Click here to see the Fox News interview with Dr. Klein

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