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Core Support for Better Posture

Low Center vs. High Center: Get Your Core Support Where It Can Serve You Best By finding and focusing on the right segment of your midsection to improve core support you can improve posture, help eliminate aches and pains, and reduce stress for better health. One of the things I spend lots of time on […]

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Abs vs. Thighs: Maximizing Effective Pilates Ab Work for Core Conditioning – Oblique’s vs. Quads

 Part 6 of 6 in the series of articles about Abs vs. Thighs If you’ve been following the series of articles I’ve written on Abs vs. Thighs for improving Pilates exercise technique and core conditioning, this is the final post in this series of articles on Abs vs. Thighs.  Many people believe their doing effective […]

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Abs vs. Thighs: Improving Core Strength with Pilates Matwork

The Pilates Double Leg Lift Exercise with a Partner This article is number 5 of 6 in the core strengthening series of articles about Abs vs. Thighs.  Improve your core conditioning, get more effective work from your Abdominal muscles, and help reduce lower back pain with the helpful Pilates training tips in this article to […]

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Bagoas Belly Dancing: An Amazing Display of Core Strength, Ab Work, Rhythm, & Flowing Movement

Can Your Abs Do This? A friend of mine who is an avid belly dancer shared this video with me.  I have to say, gender is irrelevant.  Bagoas know who Bagoas is!  Whether you are male or female…  Can Your Abs do this? 

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Core Fitness: Reduce Neck Pain for Pilates Matwork Exercises and All Ab Workouts

I posted a blog article related to the topic of reducing neck strain during Pilates matwork and ab training few weeks ago.  Here’s a new video post in my Core Training series to discuss the same issue. Neck strain, and occasionally pain, is something that is common during Pilates Matwork and general abdominal conditioning programs.  […]

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