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Tips To Use Foam Roller Exercises To Improve Your Health and Fitness

Get a Stronger Core, Improve Body Awareness and Enjoy Better Support for a Healthy Back and Better Body Mechanics with the Foam Roller Fitness 1 Knee to Chest Core Challenge Exercise Foam roller exercises are excellent opportunities to improve body awareness and activate the deep muscles throughout the core (Abdominals and Back) that provide stability […]

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Core Workout: Incline Bench Abs

This is a fantastic core workout routine to enhance your Pilates training program and improve the strength of your Ab muscles along with helping your back bend better for exercises like the Pilates Roll Up and Neck Pull. You’ll need a decline sit-up bench, or you can use a step aerobics bench and a mat. […]

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Core Strength-Pilates Exercise Video for Abdominals: Little Pulses

Having great core strength means that you’ve got a balance between strong abs and a flexible back allowing you to move easily through each exercise during your Pilates workouts.  A while ago I posted an article on my blog about improving abdominal strength and spine articulation with the benefits of adding pulsing to Pilates exercises.  […]

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