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Improving Plantar Fasciitis requires Paying Attention to a Lot More than Just Your Feet

Over the years, I can’t even remember how many clients have walked thru my doors complaining of foot pain caused by Plantar Fasciitis.  Some were avid runners, others were nurses or school teachers, they either have jobs that required them to be on their feet all day, or they’ve made such poor footwear and shoe […]

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Reduce Foot Pain: Shoe Tying Tips to Help Keep Your Arches Activated

Are you looking for ways to reduce foot pain?  Did you know that how you lace and tie your shoes can make a dramatic difference in how well the muscles of your feet are working to keep your arches lifted, active, and supporting you when you’re on your feet! 

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Have You Ever Experienced Pain Under The Balls of Your Feet?

Trying to be active with foot pain is almost impossible.  Walking hurts, running is out, can’t put weight on a pedal to cycle.  Exercise comes to a screeching halt and the throbbing reminder that something’s not quite right becomes the sole focus (no pun intended).  So you sit, and you eat, and you wait….  Are […]

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