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Ankle Mobility for a Healthy Hinge to Walk and Run Well

Improve Your Foot Fitness to Stay Safe and Injury-Free with Better Ankle Movement Healthy feet and ankles aren’t just for athletes…  Everybody needs to pay attention to foot fitness to stay healthy, active, and pain-free, and having a good hinge from the ankle is what helps us balance better, and push off the ground to […]

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Hip and Leg Exercise for Strong Hips & Healthy Knees

Pulse Power: The Pigeon Pulse Exercise Are you looking for exercises to add to your workouts to help keep your hips, knees and legs healthy and strong?  Try this simple hip and leg exercise that you can do in a standing position. We typically don’t spend much time in a toe-in position, but having the […]

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Improve Ankle Mobility for Better Balance

The Importance of Foot Fitness

Use the Standing Agitator Exercise to Free Up Your Feet, Ankles and Heels Heels and ankles need to be limber and move freely so that they can help us balance on uneven surfaces.  Check to see if you have strong, flexible heels and ankles with this quick and easy ankle mobility exercise. Test your balance […]

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Anytime Foot Care Stretch for Your Toes, Ankles, Calves and Legs

Foot-on-Foot Calf Stretch This easy foot care exercise will stretch your toes, foot, ankle, calf, and hamstring muscles.  It’s excellent for stiff toes, tight ankles, and plantar fasciitis problems.  Use this  foot fitness exercise to increase flexibility, and reduce risk of injury to your feet, ankles, and lower legs. You can practice this foot fitness […]

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Foot Fitness Exercise: Flexing the Ankle for an Effective Calf Stretch

Today’s foot fitness tip is especially important for runners, walkers.  It also can benefit people with lower back issues.  I’m going to share my “secrets for success” in improving leg, ankle, and foot flexibility with an easy and effective calf stretch. Whether you’re fit with no injuries, or are experiencing back pain, or just have […]

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