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Gain Ankle Strength and Heel Mobility for Better Balance

Medial / Lateral Ankle Strength & Multi-Directional Foot Mobility This is Part 3 in a 3-part series on Healthy Feet: Heel Mobility for Better Balance & Body Control Stretching the calf and soleus muscles are important for your lower leg and ankle flexibility, but just doing a plain old calf stretch probably isn’t going to […]

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Foot & Ankle Strength Exercise Tips: Seated Heel Lifts

Do you realize how important good foot, ankle, and leg alignment is when lifting and lowering your heels ? Here is a very simple (but sometimes tricky) foot fitness exercise to improve foot and ankle alignment.  This seated heel lift foot-care exercise can increase ankle strength, and help you gain body awareness about what your […]

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Improve Ankle Strength and Flexibility with This Easy Foot Fitness Exercise: Ankle Circles

Here’s a video demonstration of a quick and easy foot care exercise that you can practice anywhere to help improve ankle strength and ankle flexibility to keep your feet healthy and fit!

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4 Excellent Ways to Strengthen Your Ankles and Avoid Injury

Are you interested in staying healthy and injury-free?  Foot and Ankle strength, flexibility, and alignment is critical! Our ankles assist with balance,  help us run faster, and jump higher.  One missed step off a curb, or quick turn on the basketball court, soccer field, or during any other sports activity and if your ankle turns… […]

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