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Centerworks Shoulder Workshops:

Develop Strength, Flexibility, and Fitness for Heatlhy Shoulders with these Awesome Workshops Don’t miss this opportunity to get your arms and shoulders in tip-top shape with these TWO Shoulder Workshops from Centerworks. Mark your calendar and register NOW to join Aliesa George, PMA-CPT on Saturday, February 1, 2014 in Topeka, KS at Pilates Performance & Rehab, for these […]

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Jumpstart Your Pilates Teacher Training Program with Foundations 101

Is it time for a career change?  Have you pondered the possibility of becoming a personal trainer, exercise educator or Pilates instructor? Are you currently in the health and wellness field, but want to enhance your skills and services? Jumpstart your goals with theCenterworks® Foundations 101 Workshop.  This 3-day workshop is designed for adults considering […]

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Pilates Training for Healthy Hips

  Another Centerworks Awesome Workshop! Exercise Strategies To Improve Hip Strength, Flexibility, and Mobility Pilates Training for Healthy Hips Workshop coming to Pilates Performance & Rehab in Lawrence KS. This 3-hour Centerworks® Awesome workshop with Pilates and functional movement expert, Aliesa George, is designed for experienced Pilates students, and Pilates teachers to discover exercises and […]

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Intro to Pilates Workshop – Discover What Pilates Can Do For YOU!

Tips, Techniques, & Strategies to Get Started with Pilates Matwork   Improve Core Strength, Flexibility, and Whole-Body Health. Learn more about what Pilates training can do to help you improve posture, core support, and balanced muscle development to stay strong, fit, flexible, and injury-free during this 2-hour introductory Pilates workshop with Centerworks and Aliesa George, […]

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Fantastic Feet Workshops

Fantastic Feet! Workshop by Aliesa George

The Fantastic Feet! Workshop is excellent for developing a quick and easy exercise program specifically to improve the subtle muscle imbalances that start at the feet and affect our posture and health.  Learn exercises, seated, standing, and laying down for healthy and happy feet.   Treat your feet and experience the health benefits these simple stretching […]

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