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7 Training Tips for Better Upper Back Mobility to Improve Posture and Reduce Arm and Shoulder Pain

Upper Back Mobility

How is your upper back mobility? Is it easy to arch, bend, and twist your spine? Or, do you feel kind of stiff, sore, and tight? Ever wonder why it’s a challenge to improve how you move for a healthy spine and pain-free arms and shoulders? Are your Pecs on overdrive?  Do your Anterior Deltoids […]

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Pilates Back Exercises: Mobilize the Ribs, Stretch and Strengthen the Spine

Pilates Exercise Video Tips to Incorporate the Spread Eagle Exercise into your Workouts As a part of my “Secret” Training Tips for Mobilizing the Ribcage article series, I made this bonus exercise video to give you an example of one of my favorite Pilates back exercises for extension.  Before we add spine twisting and rotation […]

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5 Quick Pilates Training Tips To Improve Ab Strength and Increase Back Flexibility for the Roll Up Exercise in Pilates Matwork

It seems that many Pilates students struggle with doing a great Roll Up during their Mat workouts. Whether you’re a brand new beginner, or have been doing Pilates for years, coordinating the timing, breath, ab muscles working, and back releasing all at the right time for an easy, smooth Roll Up can be a challenge, […]

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