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Abdominal Bracing and Back Pain

abdominal bracing

Have you been taught abdominal bracing exercises for back pain?  Are you aware of how you’re using your ab and back muscles?  Can you feel what’s happening in your core – in the front, in the back, along the sides?  Does your belly push outward, stay the same, or flatten when you think about stabilizing […]

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Pilates Matwork – Double Leg Kick Exercise to Improve Hamstring Strength & Spine Extension

Improve Hip Extension & Hamstring Strength, Pelvic Placement, Spine Extension, Plus Arm & Shoulder Motion for a Great Whole-Back-of-the-Body Exercise with the Pilates Mat exercise: Double Leg Kick

Posted by Aliesa George in Pilates, Pilates Exercises, Techniques & Teaching Tips.