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3 Great Reasons to Practice Pilates Principles While You Walk

There are a lot of reasons why I love Pilates, and definitely more than 3 great reasons to practice Pilates principles while you walk.  While walking can be a fitness activity, it’s also a very necessary daily activity.  And HOW you walk can dramatically affect youprir health.  It’s great to think that you’re getting a […]

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Pilates Walk – Tips, Techniques, and Exercises for a Healthy Stride

Quickly and Easily Maximize the Health Benefits of Your Walking Workouts I’m super-excited to announce that after YEARS in process, my book Pilates Walk™ Tips and Techniques for a Healthy Stride is finally available.  Learn the system I use with my in-studio clients and have been teaching for years at Pilates-Walk workshops to improve gait […]

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Walk Healthy: Improve Foot Fitness & Reduce Foot Pain

Improve Foot Fitness and Reduce Foot Pain for Better Walking Technique and Improved Health Here are three simple foot fitness tips and foot-care exercises to help reduce foot pain and free up the ankle joint for improved mobility.  Increase calf flexibility for better gait mechanics and discover the benefits of better health with improved foot […]

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