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3 Benefits of Using a Foam Roller Warm-Up for Your Workouts

One of my favorite things to do to wake up my deep core muscles, improve balance, the brain-body connection and feel the independent movement of my hips and shoulders is to do a quick 5-15 minute foam roller warm-up before a workout. Whether I’m going to do Pilates equipment work, Pilates Mat work, go out […]

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Injury and Exercise: How to Bounce Back and Be Stronger than Ever

Discover Ways to Creatively “Work Out” Around Your Limitations to Stay On Track for a Healthy, Active Life It’s much nicer when we are able to stay healthy, active and fit.  But sometimes whether it’s a medical health issue, surgery, accident or over-training injury we find ourselves hurt…  Out of commission, unable to do even […]

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The Pilates Mind-Body Connection – Unconscious vs. Conscious Awareness for Pilates Training & Life!

How much time throughout the day do you spend consciously aware of what you’re doing? Is it a couple of minutes, an hour, or most of your day?  Or is it hardly ever? A few years ago, I was working with one of my Pilates students, who had been training with me for quite a […]

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Body Awareness, Exercise Safety, and the Potential Pitfalls of a Bad Personal Trainer

I have to say that I am grateful for my gymnastics, dance, and Pilates training – especially in regards to body awareness.  I’m sure it’s why so many dancers and athletes are embracing Pilates as a component of their injury-prevention and cross-training program.  And it makes sense why so many of my clients over the […]

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Knees Over Chest Is Best – For Getting Great Benefits from Pilates Training

I’ve been focusing a bit more on my own Pilates workouts lately – and it’s such fun to discover new things about the same old exercises I’ve been doing and teaching now for fifteen years!  It’s never boring, and regardless of whether I’m teaching a client, or giving myself a workout – I’m amazed at […]

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Health Benefits, Fun and Fitness with Nintendo Wii Fit

Wii Fitness…  What Fun! I may be a bit behind the times when it comes to enjoying the fun and benefits of all the new interactive video game products on the market – like the Nintendo Wii Fit…  but recently my techno-geek boyfriend purchased a Wii Fit for home.  (He’s had one at work since […]

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Pilates Training and Peripheral Atrophy

I received this question about Pilates training by email today, thought it relevant for a blog posting: Question: Is Pilates appropriate for someone with peripheral atrophy? Balancing is becoming more & more difficult so yoga is no longer an option. If appropriate, please tell me where I might find a certified teacher/instructor. Please advise. Answer: […]

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