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A Simple Hand Exercise to Balance Energy and Emotions

Healing Hand Exercise

Help Yourself with this Hand Exercise Embrace the power of healing hands. We all know how good a massage feels, and how important touch is to provide calming, healing energy. But did you know there is a simple way that you can work with your own hands to help heal yourself? I’m always so amazed […]

Posted by Aliesa George in Mind-Body Health.

One Lung Breathing: Creating Balance for Better Breathing and Posture Habits to Look Good and Feel Great!

Most of the time when we breathe the air goes in, the air comes out, and we’re not even conscious of how much of our lungs we are using or even which lung we tend to use more. If you have scoliosis, asthma or other physical/health challenges that have contributed to limited lung and rib […]

Posted by Aliesa George in Breathing.