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Health and Fitness Success: 6 Simple Strategies To Build a Strong Foundation

(part 1 of 6) What Are Your Specific Health and Wellness Goals? The foundation of achieving health and fitness success involves several key strategies to ensure your workout program is lifestyle friendly and effectively getting you the results you desire. Whether your goals are to lose weight, get stronger, more flexible, run farther or faster, […]

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Posture – Structural Spine Support for Whole-Body Health

The human body is the most amazing structure ever created! If our structure is properly supported, and all our muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, and body systems are in harmony – we can move, work, and play with minimal effort and maximum enjoyment for optimal whole-body health and a truly healthy and happy life. What Happens […]

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Emotional Health & Well-Being: Get Healthy from the Inside Out

Have you ever been on an emotional rollercoaster of highs & lows?  Can you remember how your brain and body felt during this time?  Did you take care of yourself?  Eat healthy foods?  Exercise? Get plenty of rest, sunshine, and fresh air?  Or did everything you know you should be doing to stay healthy come […]

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Help Me Stop Gripping My Hip Flexors During Pilates Exercises

How To Get the Most Benefits from Your Pilates Core Training Exercises Q & A from the Abs vs. Thighs Articles I received a nice note from Kristi with some questions about her Pilates exercise technique and how to get her Quads & Hip Flexors (i.e. the Rectus Femoris muscle) to stop gripping and grabbing […]

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The Benefits of Focusing on Flipper Toes for Pilates Reformer Footwork

Recently I focused on “Flipper Toes” with the clients in one of my Group Reformer classes and it was pretty interesting to see very experienced Pilates students with shaky legs because they were actively using their feet a little more than usual! Footwork on the Pilates Reformer is such a basic skill that it’s easy […]

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Pilates Matwork – Advanced Variations: Side Plank Exercise with a Twist

One of the great things about Pilates is that there are so many different ways to tweak the exercises and increase or decrease the challenge that you can literally spend a lifetime working on the same exercises and still enjoy variety in your workouts! While I consider even the Simple Side Plank exercise “Advanced” because […]

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The Healthy Habit of Happiness

Here’s A Mindful Motivational Tip for Today The phrase, ” Don’t Worry, Be Happy!” is a great mantra to live by. Maintaining a mindset of happiness can help keep your stress level low, and mental outlook positive. Turn that frown upside down!  Don’t Worry, Be Happy! Keep a clear head, stay stress-free, and maintain a […]

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Pilates Side Plank Exercise Variations

How To Add More Challenge to Your Simple Side Plank for an Advanced Pilates Mat Workout There are many different ways to tweak the Side Plank exercise and provide variety and challenge.  BUT the technique of getting into and out of the Side Plank position needs to be the same for any version you do […]

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Motivational Tip: Setting Expectations To Enjoy Success for Fitness, Business, & Life

 Expectations: Are you getting the results you expect from your fitness program? Are your expectations realistic, or are you setting yourself up for failure?  Setting expectations is like setting goals.  It’s important that you set realistic expectations, make a plan to reach your goals,  and then  you’ve got to actually do the work required to get […]

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Core Training: Help Me Find My Core!

Getting Started with Functional Fitness Ever Wonder Which Muscles Really Should Be Working to “Use Your Core” for Improved Functional Fitness? Discover the true “Core” muscles and begin incorporating more exercises into your workouts to find & strengthen your core.  Help reduce back pain, improve posture,  strength, mobility, and support to enhance sports performance, and […]

Posted by Aliesa George in Functional Movement.