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Pilates Quote: Pilates Breathing

How well are you breathing? Have you ever practiced Pilates breathing? A short science lesson. Cells are known as the “building blocks of life.” Sounds like our cells are pretty important. Cells make up our bones, muscles, tissues, ligaments, nerves and all our organs. Cells must have oxygen to survive and do their jobs in […]

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Pilates Quote: Balance

Balance of body and mind is a moving target. Sometimes we are on-balance, and sometimes being off-balance provides the power to shift, change, and become more aware of what it feels like to BE in balance. Our thoughts direct both movement and balance of the body, and mind. In what parts of your life, do […]

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Pilates Quote: Poor Posture Habits

Do you have good posture, or poor posture habits? How fine is your spine? Do you stand and sit tall with everything in line? Or do aches and pains cause you to be out of line? Practice ears over shoulders, shoulders over hips, good abdominal support, with well-balanced natural curves of the spine. Keep your […]

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How is Your Spring Fitness Plan Shaping Up?

How is your spring fitness plan shaping up? What are YOUR favorite spring fitness activities? Do you enjoy getting outside for long walks? Hitting the road or trails on your bike for a ride? Participating in sports like Soccer, Baseball, or Softball? Participating in running races or triathlons? Or maybe having fun gardening, playing golf, […]

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Pilates Quote: Good Posture

Good Posture, something we know we really should work on, but seemingly insignificant to pay attention to until our body hurts.  Why isn’t it possible to just have perfect posture?  Because maintaining good posture takes effort.  We have to maintain balanced muscle development to support our bones and our bodies for better body alignment.  Without […]

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Pilates Quote: Preventative Medicine

Preventative medicine isn’t just pills and potions.  There are many things we can do to ensure good health.  It starts with learning how to listen to the body and take care of our daily needs.  Eating healthy foods, getting enough rest, and daily exercise can go a long way to preventing illness and injury to […]

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Pilates Quote: Functional Movement

Hard work doesn’t always have to be hard…  By training efficient functional movement habits, so that all muscles are properly developed and working harmoniously together, tasks or “work” that once seemed difficult can become effortless. Are you ready to enjoy a little more pleasure in your life?  Do Pilates, it makes everything better…  but especially […]

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Pilates Quote

This Pilates quote is one of many powerful phrases or “words of wisdom” that Joseph Pilates shared in his book Return to Life.  It’s an interesting concept to contemplate. So, just curious… who is in charge of your body?  Does your body easily and willingly do anything you ask?  How much effort to you put […]

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Pilates Quote: Joseph Pilates

How sad and true is this quote from the book Your Health written by Joseph Pilates in 1934! The human body is an amazing machine…but we are so focused on our gadgets, computers, tv’s and toys, that many people are deeply out of sync with themselves – physically, mentally, and spiritually.  How sick must we […]

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Pilates Quote: Vitality

What does Vitality mean to YOU? Vitality defined: The state of being strong and active; energy. Exuberant physical strength or mental vigor. The Capacity for survival or for the continuation of a meaningful or purposeful existence. Focus your energy, connect body and mind, and live a life to the fullest with Vitality! (and practicing Pilates […]

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