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Core Conditioning – Are You Listening to Your Body to Improve Core Strength and Whole-Body Health

Core conditioning is a multi-faceted jewel that is key to enjoying a healthy life.  On so many different levels we need to be more focused on improving core conditioning.  I’m going out on a limb here and saying that I believe that at least 95% of “issues” related to poor health are a result of […]

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Return to Life! Use Pilates Training To Improve Structural Health

Get a Better Body, Mind, Spirit – Tall Posture – and Enjoy Fabulous Whole-Body Health It’s Never Too Late to Improve Your Structure and Improve Your Health! One of the most fascinating and fabulous things about the human structure is, that regardless of your age, or how long you’ve had the functional movement habits that […]

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Abs vs. Thighs: Maximizing Effective Pilates Ab Work for Core Conditioning – Oblique’s vs. Quads

 Part 6 of 6 in the series of articles about Abs vs. Thighs If you’ve been following the series of articles I’ve written on Abs vs. Thighs for improving Pilates exercise technique and core conditioning, this is the final post in this series of articles on Abs vs. Thighs.  Many people believe their doing effective […]

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Abs vs. Thighs: Improving Core Strength with Pilates Matwork

The Pilates Double Leg Lift Exercise with a Partner This article is number 5 of 6 in the core strengthening series of articles about Abs vs. Thighs.  Improve your core conditioning, get more effective work from your Abdominal muscles, and help reduce lower back pain with the helpful Pilates training tips in this article to […]

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Core Conditioning Exercise Tips To Improve Pilates Exercise Technique

Abs vs. Thighs: The Pilates Hundred Exercise with Feet in Straps or Leg Springs This article is PART 4 OF 6 – in the series of articles about Abs vs. Thighs. To effectively work the Abdominals for core conditioning it is optimal to target the core when the Quadriceps muscles are relaxed. To help get […]

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Pilates Core Conditioning – Dr. Seuss Exercise Teaching Cue for Ab Workouts

I’m always looking for great new Pilates Teaching cues.  Here’s the one that came to me this week – thanks to a client who had a big number three on the front of her shirt. Good images for cueing can come from anywhere! Do you remember reading Dr. Seuss as a kid?  One of my favorite stories was […]

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