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Core Support for Better Posture

Low Center vs. High Center: Get Your Core Support Where It Can Serve You Best By finding and focusing on the right segment of your midsection to improve core support you can improve posture, help eliminate aches and pains, and reduce stress for better health. One of the things I spend lots of time on […]

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3 Pilates Training Tips for Core Support

How to Improve Core Support for a Healthy Back, Better Abs, and the Best Pilates Exercise Technique Possible Do you struggle with really finding and working the lowest little pieces of your mid-section for core support?  Is “belly button to backbone” your go-to cue when you think about ab work and core support?  Do your […]

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Core Training – 6 Key Components To Improve the Effectiveness of Your Workouts

Discover what’s you can do to improve the effectiveness of your core training workouts by targeting these 6 key components during your workouts. Maximize core training benefits to support good functional movement habits and improve strength and stability for optimal whole-body health.

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Posture – Structural Spine Support for Whole-Body Health

The human body is the most amazing structure ever created! If our structure is properly supported, and all our muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, and body systems are in harmony – we can move, work, and play with minimal effort and maximum enjoyment for optimal whole-body health and a truly healthy and happy life. What Happens […]

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Core Training: Help Me Find My Core!

Getting Started with Functional Fitness Ever Wonder Which Muscles Really Should Be Working to “Use Your Core” for Improved Functional Fitness? Discover the true “Core” muscles and begin incorporating more exercises into your workouts to find & strengthen your core.  Help reduce back pain, improve posture,  strength, mobility, and support to enhance sports performance, and […]

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Pilates Matwork Fitness Tips: For The One Leg Circle Exercise

How to Hold the Hips Still On the One Leg Circle Exercise in Pilates Matwork Use these helpful Pilates Fitness Tips to improve your exercise technique for the Pilates One Leg Circle exercise in Matwork.  There are quite a few different variations and modifications for each of the Pilates Exercises.  Any change to an exercise […]

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Knees Over Chest Is Best – For Getting Great Benefits from Pilates Training

I’ve been focusing a bit more on my own Pilates workouts lately – and it’s such fun to discover new things about the same old exercises I’ve been doing and teaching now for fifteen years!  It’s never boring, and regardless of whether I’m teaching a client, or giving myself a workout – I’m amazed at […]

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