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Core Support for Better Posture

Low Center vs. High Center: Get Your Core Support Where It Can Serve You Best By finding and focusing on the right segment of your midsection to improve core support you can improve posture, help eliminate aches and pains, and reduce stress for better health. One of the things I spend lots of time on […]

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Core Conditioning – Are You Listening to Your Body to Improve Core Strength and Whole-Body Health

Core conditioning is a multi-faceted jewel that is key to enjoying a healthy life.  On so many different levels we need to be more focused on improving core conditioning.  I’m going out on a limb here and saying that I believe that at least 95% of “issues” related to poor health are a result of […]

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Centerworks Webinar Workshops for a Healthy Body & Active Life

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Simple Strategies and Solutions to Help You Get Results and Enjoy Wellness Success I am so excited to be offering these two upcoming webinar workshops.   You can live anywhere in the world and join me for some helpful insights and details to help you improve your functional fitness and whole-body health. Whether you’re an enthusiastic […]

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Core Training: Help Me Find My Core!

Getting Started with Functional Fitness Ever Wonder Which Muscles Really Should Be Working to “Use Your Core” for Improved Functional Fitness? Discover the true “Core” muscles and begin incorporating more exercises into your workouts to find & strengthen your core.  Help reduce back pain, improve posture,  strength, mobility, and support to enhance sports performance, and […]

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Core Fitness: Gain Abdominal Strength for Sit-Ups and Pilates Matwork with the Half-Sit Back Exercise

One of the biggest challenges for beginner (and sometimes) experienced Pilates students is being able to easily execute a full straight legged sit-up on the Pilates Mat exercises the Roll-Up and Neck Pull. This modified ½ sit-back exercise is a great one to help gain strength and mobility to roll backwards to the mat with […]

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Core Fitness: Improving Pilates Exercises & Sit-Up Technique

If you are looking for ways to strengthen your core, and increase abdominal strength for Pilates exercises and sit-ups.  Here is some information that you might find useful to improve your technique and get more out of your Pilates and fitness workouts! Here’s the question…Are you using more of the fronts of your thighs, or […]

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