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Exercise Tips for Building Strong Bones

Impact.  To build strong bones our body needs impact!  And sadly, the older most of us get, the less impact (or stress) we place on our bones, bodies, and joints.  It seems like one day, (perhaps in your mid 30’s, or early 40’s) all of a sudden high impact aerobics class, or jogging doesn’t seem […]

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Side Bending Exercise Tips for a Strong and Healthy Back

Maximize the benefits from every side bending exercise in your Pilates workouts and fitness training routine. We need our spines to support us while we move in many different positions throughout the day, and a strong and healthy back is what keeps us moving in ALL directions. If you think about it, almost everything we […]

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Help Me Stop Gripping My Hip Flexors During Pilates Exercises

How To Get the Most Benefits from Your Pilates Core Training Exercises Q & A from the Abs vs. Thighs Articles I received a nice note from Kristi with some questions about her Pilates exercise technique and how to get her Quads & Hip Flexors (i.e. the Rectus Femoris muscle) to stop gripping and grabbing […]

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Strength or Length? Motivational Tips for Improving Functional Movement

Strength or Length?  Which Is More Important To Develop & Improve Functional Movement? They are both important and balance is best.  If you only have time to focus on one during a workout – choose strength. Work the body with strength-building exercises through a full-range of motion and you’ll develop functional strength and improve joint […]

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Pilates Matwork Fitness Tips: For The One Leg Circle Exercise

How to Hold the Hips Still On the One Leg Circle Exercise in Pilates Matwork Use these helpful Pilates Fitness Tips to improve your exercise technique for the Pilates One Leg Circle exercise in Matwork.  There are quite a few different variations and modifications for each of the Pilates Exercises.  Any change to an exercise […]

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Improve Posture and Chest Flexibility with this Easy Corner Wall Stretch

Here’s an easy exercise for a heart opening chest stretch. Improve flexibility for the chest, arms, & shoulders.  Enhance posture for Pilates, fitness, & daily life. When we think about improving posture and avoiding that hunched over Quasimodo look.  It’s important to balance out the upper body by increasing upper back strength (to help hold us […]

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Push-Up Exercise Tips for More Muscle Power

Enjoy Whole-Body Strengthening Without Any Fancy Equipment! A great body position on push-ups, makes the exercise so much easier to do! And with great technique you’ll be getting a lot more bang for your buck from every repetition to improve your upper body strength and fitness. Push-ups in Pilates normally are done at the end […]

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