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Foot Fitness Exercises for a Painful Bunion

Fixing Your Feet – Foot Exercise Solutions to Reduce Bunion Pain Do you have a painful bunion and are surfing the net looking for solutions?   When I get good questions in my inbox, I like to share the answers because I know there are other folks out there searching for solutions for their foot pain […]

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Foot-Care Solutions to Help Alleviate Bunion Pain

Are you searching for non-surgical foot-care solutions to help alleviate Bunion pain? I recently received these great Bunion foot-care questions from Rebecca.  Since I know there are others out there asking the same questions, and searching for solutions I thought I’d share her questions and my reply.  “I have just begun to have bunion problems […]

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Foot Pain FAQ’s and Simple Foot Exercise Solutions for Fantastic Feet!

Check out these foot pain FAQ’s! It’s not OK for your feet to hurt, and there are simple foot exercise solutions you can to help reduce foot pain and keep your feet healthy and fit.

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Fantastic Feet for Runners & Walkers

Foot Fitness Kit by Aliesa George

  A Workshop for Focused Foot Fitness Training Discover the Secrets to Healthy & Happy, Pain-Free Feet   (No Pilates experience required.) Good health starts from the ground up!  Whether you walk or run, taking good care of your feet is an important part of any wellness program. There are lots of quick & easy foot […]

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Pilates-Walk Workshop

   Pilates Tips to Improve Your Walking Technique for Better Wellness. Fine-tune your posture, body alignment and muscle support to help improve your gait and maximize the benefits from your walking workouts during this 2-hour Centerworks® Awesome Workshop with Pilates and functional movement expert, Aliesa George.  Learn the secrets to walking well…

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Foot Fitness Tips for Alignment of Your Feet, Ankles, and Heels

Alignment of the feet, ankles, & heels is important for foot fitness.  It can affect posture, functional movement, gait for walking & running, and may also be a factor for risk of injury, causing foot pain, knee pain, or even back pain!  We stand, we walk, we run, we stretch our calf muscles, but a […]

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Have You Ever Experienced Pain Under The Balls of Your Feet?

Trying to be active with foot pain is almost impossible.  Walking hurts, running is out, can’t put weight on a pedal to cycle.  Exercise comes to a screeching halt and the throbbing reminder that something’s not quite right becomes the sole focus (no pun intended).  So you sit, and you eat, and you wait….  Are […]

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Walk Healthy: Improve Foot Fitness & Reduce Foot Pain

Improve Foot Fitness and Reduce Foot Pain for Better Walking Technique and Improved Health Here are three simple foot fitness tips and foot-care exercises to help reduce foot pain and free up the ankle joint for improved mobility.  Increase calf flexibility for better gait mechanics and discover the benefits of better health with improved foot […]

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Help for Plantar Fasciitis, Flat Feet, & Reducing Foot Pain

Yamuna foot savers are one of the most fabulous foot care products ever invented!  These easy to use foot fitness products can do amazing things to help reduce foot pain and improve your posture, body alignment, and health.  If you are challenged with arch pain, heel pain, flat feet, foot cramps, plantar fasciitis, or other […]

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A Fantastic Feet Toe Stretch to Help Reduce Toe Pain and Foot Pain

Improve the Mobility of your Toes.  Activate, Lift, & Strengthen the Arch of Your Foot.  Help Improve Gait and Foot Action to Walk & Run Faster and Farther with Happy, Healthy Feet. How flexible is your Foot?  Do your toes bend easily in each direction?  Can you stand or kneel and tuck your toes way […]

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