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Strength vs Flexibility: Which is Better for Health Improvement?

Curious to know what might help you improve your health quicker, focusing on strength vs flexibility? Which is better for health improvement, strength vs flexibility? Have you ever wondered which part of your fitness program you should really be focusing most of your time on? It’s an interesting question, and while I might spark some controversy with my comments […]

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10 Tips to Design Your Healthy Lifestyle

The best way to be successful with a healthy lifestyle is to have a plan.  It can be as loose or structured as it suits your personality, but no plan usually leads nowhere.  If you haven’t been successful in the past, now is the time to focus on your healthy lifestyle goals. Use these ten […]

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Pilates & Health Improvement:

Remember Your Journey, Document Your Progress I had a discussion at the end of a session with a very loyal and long-standing Pilates client this week.  After the many, many years of consistent Pilates this person was feeling frustrated that they weren’t super flexible yet!  “After all this time, why aren’t I any better?  Seems […]

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