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Tips For Exercise Tracking to Improve Muscle Memory and Motivation

Enhancing the Learning Curve: The Power of Journaling for Independent Pilates Workouts                   I saw a comment and question on a post for an article I wrote recently asking me, “if I say that I learn something new every day, what did I learn today?”  And while […]

Posted by Aliesa George in Exercise and Fitness, Motivation, Inspiration & Goal Setting, Pilates.

The Benefits of Using a Fitness Journal to Track Your Exercise Consistency

Have you ever used a Fitness Journal to log your exercise and fitness workouts?  It can be so helpful to keep an exercise log to document your progress and help keep you accountable to reach the goals you’ve set for improving your health & wellness.  Workout tracking works!  Put this great exercise motivation tool to […]

Posted by Aliesa George in Exercise and Fitness, Goal Setting, Pilates.