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10 Tips to Design Your Healthy Lifestyle

The best way to be successful with a healthy lifestyle is to have a plan.  It can be as loose or structured as it suits your personality, but no plan usually leads nowhere.  If you haven’t been successful in the past, now is the time to focus on your healthy lifestyle goals. Use these ten […]

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Tips to Design Your Personalized Fitness Plan

9 Important Questions to Help You Get Started Designing Your Personalized Fitness Plan For wellness success, each of us need to design our own unique personalized fitness plan.  Our plan for weekly workouts needs to be Realistic, Do-Able, Lifestyle-friendly, and ultimately something that we can create, modify, and stick with for a lifetime of good […]

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Are You Adding Healthy Habits to Your Day?

So it’s a new year, and everyone’s back on the band-wagon to get healthier (myself included).  There are so many choices and things to do it can be overwhelming.  And then there’s the caveat that not every exercise, supplement, or wellness activity is safe and appropriate for everyone. If you feel like you’re wandering and […]

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