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Foot Care and the Best Exercises for Your Feet After Foot Surgery

Q&A about foot fitness resources from This week I received an email with questions about some of the foot fitness resources I’ve got available at  I had such a great conversation with Lisa about taking care of her feet and figuring out the best exercises for feet after foot surgery, that I asked […]

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My Sprained Ankle Accident – And What I plan to Do to Improve My Foot Fitness

Sprained Ankle and Injury Recovery

A Sprained Ankle Doesn’t Have to Become a Chronic Foot Pain Problem Can’t remember the last time I had a sprained ankle… It’s been 30 years or more.  My silly sprained ankle accident happened a week ago Saturday.  I stepped in a low spot in a parking lot and turned my ankle.  Really wrenched it!  […]

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Cool New Foot-Massage Product: The Centerworks® Acupressure Foot Massage Mat

A New Foot-Care Product is available NOW!  The Centerworks® Acupressure Foot Massage Mat can help you reduce foot pain and improve the health and fitness of your feet. This easy-to-use foot massage mat can help you quickly improve your foot fitness.  In fact a typical “workout” with your foot massage mat takes 2 minutes or […]

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How to Tie Your Tennies to Alleviate Foot Pain

Lace-up to alleviate foot pain. Are your feet tired and painful at the end of the day? It might be your shoes that are frustrating your feet.

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Reduce Foot Pain: Shoe Tying Tips to Help Keep Your Arches Activated

Are you looking for ways to reduce foot pain?  Did you know that how you lace and tie your shoes can make a dramatic difference in how well the muscles of your feet are working to keep your arches lifted, active, and supporting you when you’re on your feet! 

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Young or Old: Healthy Feet Are Needed At Every Age

It doesn’t matter if you’re young, or old, healthy feet are needed at every age! Before we can walk, we have to crawl…  The development of adequate core, hip, and leg strength is a part of the equation to help us get UP on our feet when we begin exploring what it’s like to stand […]

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Foot Arch Strengthening Tip: Feeling Your Feet – Reaching Through The Rays

Keep your feet healthy and arches lifted and strong, help eliminate foot pain to stay active, pain-free, and fit A quick foot fitness tip for you today:  Think of the rays of your feet, like little Rays of Sunshine!  When you’re practicing your Fantastic Feet exercises or doing any exercise where you rise up on […]

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Foot Pain FAQ’s and Simple Foot Exercise Solutions for Fantastic Feet!

Check out these foot pain FAQ’s! It’s not OK for your feet to hurt, and there are simple foot exercise solutions you can to help reduce foot pain and keep your feet healthy and fit.

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Ankle Mobility for a Healthy Hinge to Walk and Run Well

Improve Your Foot Fitness to Stay Safe and Injury-Free with Better Ankle Movement Healthy feet and ankles aren’t just for athletes…  Everybody needs to pay attention to foot fitness to stay healthy, active, and pain-free, and having a good hinge from the ankle is what helps us balance better, and push off the ground to […]

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Exercises for Healthy Feet: Stretch Your Calves & Strengthen Your Arches

Articulating the Ankle: Improving Mobility To Point & Flex Your Feet Are you searching for the right exercises for healthy feet?  Are your calf muscles tight?  Do you ever have heel pain?  Do you hop around with toe cramps? or arch cramps? Are you plagued with Plantar Fasciitis problems?  Are you still searching for foot […]

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