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The Benefits of Focusing on Flipper Toes for Pilates Reformer Footwork

Recently I focused on “Flipper Toes” with the clients in one of my Group Reformer classes and it was pretty interesting to see very experienced Pilates students with shaky legs because they were actively using their feet a little more than usual! Footwork on the Pilates Reformer is such a basic skill that it’s easy […]

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Have You Ever Experienced Pain Under The Balls of Your Feet?

Trying to be active with foot pain is almost impossible.  Walking hurts, running is out, can’t put weight on a pedal to cycle.  Exercise comes to a screeching halt and the throbbing reminder that something’s not quite right becomes the sole focus (no pun intended).  So you sit, and you eat, and you wait….  Are […]

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The Importance of Pilates and Foot Fitness

The Importance of Foot Fitness

The pain in my ankles was excruciating, every step brought tears to my eyes, and I was hobbling around like a decrepit old lady instead of the teenager that I really was. The diagnosis, after x-rays and nuclear dye tests was degenerative arthritis in my ankles – at the age of only sixteen! Wondering if […]

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