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Exercises for Healthy Feet: Stretch Your Calves & Strengthen Your Arches

Articulating the Ankle: Improving Mobility To Point & Flex Your Feet Are you searching for the right exercises for healthy feet?  Are your calf muscles tight?  Do you ever have heel pain?  Do you hop around with toe cramps? or arch cramps? Are you plagued with Plantar Fasciitis problems?  Are you still searching for foot […]

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Foot Fitness Tips for Alignment of Your Feet, Ankles, and Heels

Alignment of the feet, ankles, & heels is important for foot fitness.  It can affect posture, functional movement, gait for walking & running, and may also be a factor for risk of injury, causing foot pain, knee pain, or even back pain!  We stand, we walk, we run, we stretch our calf muscles, but a […]

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Ankle Strengthening Exercises for Runners & Athletes

Regardless of your sport, ankle pain and foot problems are one of the quickest ways to end up on the sidelines instead of participating in the action.  Most of us assume that because we are exercising, our feet are getting a workout too.  And while that’s sort-of true – doing specific foot stretching and ankle […]

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Foot Fitness Exercise Tips: Single Toe Flipper Stretch

This Single Toe Flipper Stretch is a great foot-care exercise to stretch the feet and especially the toes. Improve foot mobility so that you can better use your feet and toes to push off the ground when you walk and run.  Poor shoe choices and a short stride can restrict  the foot muscles and toes […]

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Anytime Foot Care Stretch for Your Toes, Ankles, Calves and Legs

Foot-on-Foot Calf Stretch This easy foot care exercise will stretch your toes, foot, ankle, calf, and hamstring muscles.  It’s excellent for stiff toes, tight ankles, and plantar fasciitis problems.  Use this  foot fitness exercise to increase flexibility, and reduce risk of injury to your feet, ankles, and lower legs. You can practice this foot fitness […]

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