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Do a Daily Quad Stretch To Open Your Hips

Quadriceps Stretch for Healthy Hips from

How tight are the fronts of your thighs, and how effective are your Quad Stretch exercises to help loosen things up and open the hips?  Are you taking time to work on your flexibility to help improve your muscle balance?

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Functional Fitness – Health and Fitness Success: Do You Have Good Posture & Body Mechanics?

6 Simple Strategies To Build a Strong Foundation for Your Health and Fitness Success (part 2 of 6) Are you confident that you have good Posture habits?  Are the curves of your spine in the right places?  Do you have any annoying aches, pains, or chronic injuries?  Have you ever had a serious injury, sprained ankle, […]

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Core Training: Help Me Find My Core!

Getting Started with Functional Fitness Ever Wonder Which Muscles Really Should Be Working to “Use Your Core” for Improved Functional Fitness? Discover the true “Core” muscles and begin incorporating more exercises into your workouts to find & strengthen your core.  Help reduce back pain, improve posture,  strength, mobility, and support to enhance sports performance, and […]

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Do You “Tune-Out” When You Work Out? Tips To Improve Functional Movement & Whole-Body Health

Health Improvement can encompass a lot of different things.  Depending on your wellness goals, the  focus can be on fitness, diet & nutrition, stress-management, or a number of other things necessary to take care of your body and enjoy good health. One of the all important things on a Health Improvement list is fitness.  Daily […]

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What is Functional Movement?

Functional Movement is the ability to move the body with proper muscle and joint function for effortless, pain-free movement.  Learning how to be bio-mechanically efficient with everything you do, whether it’s for sports and athletics, general fitness, or daily life activities, is very important for maintaining good health and avoiding injury. You would think that […]

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