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Setting Goals for Pilates Exercise Success

The Purpose Behind Your Pilates Training Plan Is the Fuel Needed for Setting Goals, Selecting the Right Pilates Exercises, and Achieving the Results you Desire. Are Your Actions, Efforts, and Pilates Exercises in Line with Your Wellness Goals? We all go through periods in our lives when we feel stuck in a rut. It could […]

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Expectations – Are You On Target?


Are you getting what you expect out of life? Expectations are an important driver for getting to your goals.  Is what you expect to achieve in line with the actions you’re taking to reach your goals? 

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Anna Graceman is My Inspiration to be a Superstar!

I believe all of us are here on this planet with a mission to achieve.  And whatever we do, we should strive for Superstar status, doing the very best we can, and giving it all we’ve got.  I came across this video by 11 year old singer-songwriter (Yep – 11 years old!) Anna Graceman – […]

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Do Stories of Olympic Triumph Help Motivate You?

Ahhh the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Canada.  A great time to cheer on our countries athletes and watch the best in the world excel in their sports.  Those of us who are now glued to the television are enjoying hours and hours of thought provoking stories, and phenomenal demonstrations of athletic performance. So far […]

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Tips for Using Your Bucket List: Be Happy, Reduce Stress, & Enjoy Life!

Can you think of all the times in your life that you’ve said, “Oh, I really want to try that!”  or “I hope someday that I get to do __________.”  But then life get’s busy, you’re schedule is home-to-work, work-to-home, and all of the things you want to see, or do, seem to get pushed […]

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