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10 Smart Solutions to Overcome Injuries for a Quick Recovery

Have you ever been challenged by an injury?  It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, whether it’s for fun, or work, to get fit, or compete in a sport. The risk of pain, and potential injury will always be present.  Learning how to overcome injuries when they happen, and learning how to work through them in […]

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Health & Healing Affirmation – Year of the Water Snake

Happy New Year – 2013 is the Year of the Water Snake While I’m not an expert with Chinese Astrology, I am fascinated at how the Universe brings things to my attention. Today, February 10th  at 3:20pm we begin the Year of the Water Snake. What I didn’t realize until researching the meaning of a […]

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Touch for Health & PKP Kinesiology

I’ve been off the blog-wagon for the past few weeks, and am now on the band-wagon to spread the word about the benefits of Kinesiology and Touch for Health! To continue my education in Mind-Body wellness – I’ve enrolled in a series of workshops this year to learn muscle testing and body balancing techniques, that […]

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