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Do You “Tune-Out” When You Work Out? Tips To Improve Functional Movement & Whole-Body Health

Health Improvement can encompass a lot of different things.  Depending on your wellness goals, the  focus can be on fitness, diet & nutrition, stress-management, or a number of other things necessary to take care of your body and enjoy good health. One of the all important things on a Health Improvement list is fitness.  Daily […]

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Motivational Tip: How To Improve Functional Movement

Function Follows Good Form.  To keep your car running smoothly it needs gas, oil, and an occasional tune-up to keep it functioning. For movement and health our bodies will get stronger, more fit, and flexible faster if we practice good form with every exercise we do.

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Mindful Motivational Tip: How To Achieve Health Improvement with Progression

Progression Is Seen with Repetition.  Did you ride a bike perfectly the first time you hopped on, or did you have to get on and fall off, on and fall off…until with repetition you mastered the art of balance, steering, and pedaling to successfully ride your bike. We grow up and sometimes forget that effort […]

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Will Power or Won’t Power: Motivation for Health Improvement

Thursday’s Thought for Health Improvement from Aliesa George and Discover how tapping into your Will Power can help you achieve health improvement success. Which Power is stronger in your life, Will Power or Won’t Power?  Do you even realize which power you’re tapping into on a regular basis?  I see so many people give […]

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Monday’s Motivational and Inspirational Word of the Day – BALANCE

To be in BALANCE may not mean that everything in your life gets equal time, but that there is a definite tipping point to pay attention to so that all of the important aspects of your live get some dedicated time weekly.  

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Harnessing the Power of Creativity To Improve Your Health

Do you remember when you were a child how much time you lived and played with your imagination?  Tapping into your creative powers to create fun games to play with friends, paint and draw pictures, make up fairy-tale stories, and all sorts of amazing things!  Then…somewhere along the way, some big person squelched the juice out […]

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The Mindful Motivational Word of the Day: Attunement

Motivation & Inspiration: Are Your Actions “In Tune” With Your Dreams & Desires? Attunement defined is:  “To bring into harmony.” Ask yourself the following three questions:

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Gaining a 360° Degree Perspective on Your Thoughts, Habits, & Daily Actions to Achieve Success

Do you ever wonder why you’re still trying? Does progress to reach your goals seem like it’s at a standstill?  Have you started and quit, started and quit multiple times because you just don’t feel like things are moving forward? Maybe it’s time to take a 360° look around to gain some new perspective.

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Are You Ready To Make Big Changes For Health Improvement?

Are you ready to pull your head out of the sand and doing whatever is necessary to put yourself at the top of your priority list for health improvement?  Think about it…if you feel like crap – how do you expect to be joyous about doing anything for anybody else.  Or even able to do […]

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Pilates & Health Improvement:

Remember Your Journey, Document Your Progress I had a discussion at the end of a session with a very loyal and long-standing Pilates client this week.  After the many, many years of consistent Pilates this person was feeling frustrated that they weren’t super flexible yet!  “After all this time, why aren’t I any better?  Seems […]

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