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Is Pilates A Good Workout?

Is Pilates A Good Workout?

Is Pilates a Good Workout?  This is a question asked by someone who has never done a Pilates workout! But the answer might surprise you, because there are several factors to consider – and really who is the best person to decide what qualifies as a “good” workout? What do you consider a good workout?  […]

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Improve Your Mind-Body Connection

10 Tips to Tune-In to What Your Body is Telling You by Improving Your Mind-Body Connection It’s crazy all the ways we’ve conditioned our bodies to over-ride our mind-body connection.  Too many people these days don’t listen to what their body is telling them and act accordingly.  Sadly, we’ve been told that we need to […]

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The Pilates Mind-Body Connection – Unconscious vs. Conscious Awareness for Pilates Training & Life!

How much time throughout the day do you spend consciously aware of what you’re doing? Is it a couple of minutes, an hour, or most of your day?  Or is it hardly ever? A few years ago, I was working with one of my Pilates students, who had been training with me for quite a […]

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Self Healing – Powerful Techniques

Last weekend a friend handed me a book to read, and as I started it….I wondered why it hadn’t crossed my radar sooner! On the cover it states: “Within minutes these techniques trigger health-producing effects for: Cancer Prevention & Reversal, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Insomnia, Alzheimers, Diabetes, Anxiety, Depression, PMS, Stress Reduction, Jetlag” Now, […]

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