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A Simple Hand Exercise to Balance Energy and Emotions

Healing Hand Exercise

Help Yourself with this Hand Exercise Embrace the power of healing hands. We all know how good a massage feels, and how important touch is to provide calming, healing energy. But did you know there is a simple way that you can work with your own hands to help heal yourself? I’m always so amazed […]

Posted by Aliesa George in Mind-Body Health.

Living a Happy Life with Depression

A Year-End REVIEW of My Achievements (and Mental Sanity) Learning to live a happy life with depression can be a really big challenge.  As I reflect on my own personal Woo-Hoos and Boo-Hoos for 2012, I’ve got a lot to celebrate!

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Monday’s Mindful Motivation Tip: Get Your #!S Up Off That Nail!

Are you like the old dog laying on a nail?  Experiencing pain, but not taking action to get up, move over, and lay in a spot without a nail. 

Posted by Aliesa George in Alleviating Pain & Chronic Health Problems, Motivation, Inspiration & Goal Setting.