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A Moment of Movement Motivation and Inspiration – You Are Never Too Old to Take Up a New Sport

Johanna Quaas: Guinness World Record: Oldest Gymnast of the World Enjoy this moment of movement motivation and inspiration!  If you’ve been considering new recreational sports, but think that perhaps you’ve waited too long in life and you’re too old to participate, check out this video clip of gymnast Johanna Quaas who currently holds the Guinness […]

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Positive Affirmations – Into the Light NOW

Positive affirmations can help you improve your mindset to achieve personal success, prosperity, health, and happiness.   Motivation and personal development are key concepts to explore to ensure that you continue growing and moving  forward in all aspects of your life – personal, professional, health, wealth, relationships, connecting with body, mind, and Spirit.

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Will Power or Won’t Power: Motivation for Health Improvement

Thursday’s Thought for Health Improvement from Aliesa George and Discover how tapping into your Will Power can help you achieve health improvement success. Which Power is stronger in your life, Will Power or Won’t Power?  Do you even realize which power you’re tapping into on a regular basis?  I see so many people give […]

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The Mindful Motivational Word of the Day: Attunement

Motivation & Inspiration: Are Your Actions “In Tune” With Your Dreams & Desires? Attunement defined is:  “To bring into harmony.” Ask yourself the following three questions:

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Monday's Mindful Motivation Tip: Follow Your Heart

  Today and Every Day –  Follow Your Heart. With everything you do – follow your Heart and enjoy the bliss that listening to your inner voice has to guide your decisions for a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

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Do Stories of Olympic Triumph Help Motivate You?

Ahhh the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Canada.  A great time to cheer on our countries athletes and watch the best in the world excel in their sports.  Those of us who are now glued to the television are enjoying hours and hours of thought provoking stories, and phenomenal demonstrations of athletic performance. So far […]

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