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GMOs and Genetic Roulette – Are You Sick and Tired of Feeling Sick and Tired?

Genetically Modified Food, Food Allergies, Health, Wellness, and Safety Are you concerned about what you’re eating?  Do you have any medical issues, food allergies, chronic inflammation, diabetes, heart problems, or other diseases that have you spending money on doctor bills, medical tests and exams, and drugs to treat symptoms, but don’t seem to be finding […]

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Health Tips: Food Allergy Awareness Alert

food allergy

Do you have a food allergy?  Are you even aware of the foods that bother you?  Have you ever had scratch tests, or blood tests to identify the foods & chemicals that might be causing an allergic reaction in your system? Are you sick & tired of feeling sick & tired? Do you suffer from […]

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Optic Neuritis and Exercise Guidelines

Optic Neuritis and Exercise.  Sometimes it’s difficult to even think about working out when you’re going blind!  Since I’ve been dealing with a chronic case of optic neuritis for almost eight months…my exercise habits have been quite compromised.  It has been interesting to see the wide variety of opinions I’ve gotten on guidelines for exercising […]

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Optic Neuritis: Western Medicine – Helpful or Harmful?

OK – Here’s part 2 in my Optic Neuritis story.  This is how my health care providers have been “providing care.”  Am I a happy, well-taken-care-of patient.  Unfortunately, NO.  I’ve never been so frustrated with physicians  and the medical system in my life! I really do try to give people the benefit of the doubt, […]

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Living with Optic Neuritis

My Story: Dealing with Doctors, Optic Neuritis, and the Effects of High Dose Steroids It was March 8, 2010 when I knew there was a problem…  I was starting to lose the peripheral vision in my right eye.  Crap…  So NOT what I wanted to be dealing with again.  I knew that I was starting […]

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