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3 Pilates Fitness Tips To Stay Healthy, Fit & Injury-Free While Mowing the Lawn

Practicing Pilates-Style Movements Can Lead To Better Health & Fitness When Mowing the Lawn By Tonya Bronleewe After reading Aliesa’s blog about using Pilates to strengthen your body for this summer’s gardening, I was inspired to think about Pilates while I mowed the lawn. As a Centerworks Pilates student for the last 5 years, I […]

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Pilates Matwork Fitness Tips– Advanced One Leg Circle with a Twist

When doing the Intermediate/Advanced version of the One Leg Circle with a Twist in Pilates Matwork, there are some really important things to pay attention to for maximum benefits, support, and ease of movement to execute this exercise well.  Body awareness, and being able to quickly activate the muscles that twist & untwist the body […]

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Pain-Free Hands: 3 Hand & Finger Exercises for Improved Flexibility

Here are three easy hand exercises to help stretch your palms, and improve finger flexibility. Our hand & finger muscles primarily work to grip and grab objects, so these muscles can get tight and cause joint pain in the fingers, hand and wrist.  Use these simple hand stretching exercise tips to release muscle tension and […]

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Improving Abdominal Strength & Spine Articulation – Pilates Fitness Tips

The Benefits of Adding Pulsing to Pilates Exercises It’s always a challenge to get a better Roll Up, Neck Pull, and Teaser, or Short Box Round on the Reformer with the full backbend and up.  Here are a few tips and thoughts to add a little extra to your Ab work and improve articulation so […]

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