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Breathing and Squat Exercises: Pilates Footwork vs. Squat Exercises in the Weight Room

Do you ever pay attention to if you’re inhaling or exhaling to get up and down?  Chances are you’ve probably never really thought about your breath during these simple daily life activities, but the patterns for breathing and exercise that we use, should be helping to reinforce healthy movement habits. Squat exercises aren’t something we […]

Posted by Aliesa George in Functional Movement.

Breathing Basics to Improve Health, Fitness, and Your Pilates Workouts

Breathing is a very important part of being alive!  How we breathe can make a difference in our good or poor posture, how much oxygen we get to our brain to think clearly, and better breathing habits can make a significant difference in how well we move to reduce the risk of injury, and eliminate […]

Posted by Aliesa George in Breathing, Mind-Body Health, Pilates, Pilates Exercises, Techniques & Teaching Tips.