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Get The Best Pilates Exercises Into Your Workouts To Maximize the Whole-Body Health Benefits of the Pilates System

Best Pilates exercises

Are you interested in getting the best Pilates exercises in your weekly workout routine to maximize the whole-body health benefits from your efforts?  Check out my myth-busting training tips to be sure you’re working everything from your head to your toes to harness the true power of the Pilates System. On a pretty regular basis […]

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3 Pilates Training Tips for Core Support

How to Improve Core Support for a Healthy Back, Better Abs, and the Best Pilates Exercise Technique Possible Do you struggle with really finding and working the lowest little pieces of your mid-section for core support?  Is “belly button to backbone” your go-to cue when you think about ab work and core support?  Do your […]

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Pilates Training Questions: How Advanced Should I Be?

Pilates Training Questions

Every student wants an answer to their Pilates training questions, and this curious question  was asked by a client of mine recently. “How advanced should I be after one year of Pilates training?” I love Pilates training questions!  The answer to this one hinges on many factors: 1. What your health status was when you […]

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Pilates Training Tips: Getting Results

Pilates Training Tips to Help You Make the Most of Your Efforts for Better Whole-Body Health How is your Pilates training program going? Are you Really Working the Pilates System, or only doing a few “Pilates-type” exercises during your workouts? Are you happy with how things are going or looking for ways to get better […]

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Pilates Side Plank Exercise Variations

How To Add More Challenge to Your Simple Side Plank for an Advanced Pilates Mat Workout There are many different ways to tweak the Side Plank exercise and provide variety and challenge.  BUT the technique of getting into and out of the Side Plank position needs to be the same for any version you do […]

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Pilates Training Tips: How to Execute a Great Side Plank

This is the 2nd article related to improving the Pilates Side Plank exercise.  If you missed the first article, Pilates Training Tips: Preparatory Exercises for Side Plank, you might find it a helpful  to review and practice some of the recommended preparatory exercises first, then progress to the more advanced Side Plank exercise described here. […]

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Pilates Training Tips: Prepartory Exercises for Side Plank

Here are some Pilates training tips and preparatory exercises for safe shoulders and a strong core for success with Side Plank  in an Advanced Pilates Mat workout. In Pilates Matwork the Side Plank exercise is a part of a higher intermediate or advanced workout.  In Joseph Pilates’ book Return to Life, Joe calls this exercise […]

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5 Quick Pilates Training Tips To Improve Ab Strength and Increase Back Flexibility for the Roll Up Exercise in Pilates Matwork

It seems that many Pilates students struggle with doing a great Roll Up during their Mat workouts. Whether you’re a brand new beginner, or have been doing Pilates for years, coordinating the timing, breath, ab muscles working, and back releasing all at the right time for an easy, smooth Roll Up can be a challenge, […]

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The Benefits of Eye Focus During Pilates and Fitness Ab Work Exercises

By Aliesa George and It’s interesting the difference in perspective between traditional “Aerobic” class ab work and Pilates ab exercises.  You know how everybody always complains that their neck hurts?  Or they feel more work in their neck, chest, and shoulders than they do in their middle, which means it takes tons of reps […]

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