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Can I Do Pilates While I'm In PT?

I found this great question in my inbox today, and thought that I’d share my reply here on my Pilates blog. “I have sustained a recent back injury, I am still going through physical therapy.  I am wondering when can a person safely sign up  for some pilates individualized sessions with an instructor and about […]

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ACSM Fitness Trends – Pilates Ranks High for 2010

The American College of Sports Medicine recently published a forecast of fitness trends for 2010, and it’s wonderful to see that Pilates training is near the top of the list! While Pilates was ranked #9 in the ACSM report, by my assessment of the top ten fitness trends it appears to me that many, if […]

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Body Awareness, Exercise Safety, and the Potential Pitfalls of a Bad Personal Trainer

I have to say that I am grateful for my gymnastics, dance, and Pilates training – especially in regards to body awareness.  I’m sure it’s why so many dancers and athletes are embracing Pilates as a component of their injury-prevention and cross-training program.  And it makes sense why so many of my clients over the […]

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6 Ways To Help Your Clients Stick with Their Pilates Workout Program

I was eating lunch today and talking shop with one of my Centerworks-trained, PMA Certified Pilates teachers,  and we ended up on the topic of:   How to effectively get clients enthusiastic about Pilates, AND keep them signing up for lessons so we can really help them see the benefits Pilates has to offer. So I […]

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