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Fantastic Feet for Runners & Walkers

Foot Fitness Kit by Aliesa George

  A Workshop for Focused Foot Fitness Training Discover the Secrets to Healthy & Happy, Pain-Free Feet   (No Pilates experience required.) Good health starts from the ground up!  Whether you walk or run, taking good care of your feet is an important part of any wellness program. There are lots of quick & easy foot […]

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Pilates Training for Healthy Hips

  Another Centerworks Awesome Workshop! Exercise Strategies To Improve Hip Strength, Flexibility, and Mobility Pilates Training for Healthy Hips Workshop coming to Pilates Performance & Rehab in Lawrence KS. This 3-hour Centerworks® Awesome workshop with Pilates and functional movement expert, Aliesa George, is designed for experienced Pilates students, and Pilates teachers to discover exercises and […]

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Pilates-Walk Workshop

   Pilates Tips to Improve Your Walking Technique for Better Wellness. Fine-tune your posture, body alignment and muscle support to help improve your gait and maximize the benefits from your walking workouts during this 2-hour Centerworks® Awesome Workshop with Pilates and functional movement expert, Aliesa George.  Learn the secrets to walking well…

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Intro to Pilates Workshop – Discover What Pilates Can Do For YOU!

Tips, Techniques, & Strategies to Get Started with Pilates Matwork   Improve Core Strength, Flexibility, and Whole-Body Health. Learn more about what Pilates training can do to help you improve posture, core support, and balanced muscle development to stay strong, fit, flexible, and injury-free during this 2-hour introductory Pilates workshop with Centerworks and Aliesa George, […]

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I Want to Be a Pilates Teacher!

Is this something that you’ve said or thought lately?  “I Love Pilates, and want to become a Pilates Teacher!” Teaching Pilates is a great career choice. I have had more fun in the past 16 years teaching Pilates than at any other job I’ve ever had.  In fact, it’s hard to consider teaching Pilates a […]

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Aliesa George Pilates and Wellness Speaker Preview Video

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Upcoming Fantastic Feet Workshop at the Pilates Studio of Little Rock

Check out this AWESOME WORKSHOP! Fantastic Feet!  Exercises to Strengthen the Ankles, Arches, and Toes with Aliesa George and Centerworks® Discover: Why it’s important to focus on foot fitness! Lots of easy exercises to help you improve strength, and flexibility! How this simple foot-care system can help reduce foot pain! Enjoy healthy and happy feet! […]

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Questions About Becoming a Pilates Teacher

I recently had someone drop me a contact request for Pilates Teacher Training information and thought she had some great questions that might be helpful to post in my Centerworks Pilates blog. Think I may turn this into a regular section and update & add posts with questions as they come in. It’s so important that […]

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Centerworks Pilates Teacher Training Workshops with Aliesa George in Little Rock, Arkasas

I had a blast teaching Shoulder Mechanics and Fantastic Feet workshops in Little Rock in April, as well as a Matwork master class. Thanks to the fantastic group of students and teachers that participated in these workshops! I am looking forward to being back in Little Rock for a full series of Centerworks Pilates Teacher-Training […]

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Pilates Continuing Education Is Worth Your Investment

I have now been teaching Pilates for over 14 years.  Hard to believe it!  The time has flown by – I love my job! Blessed to have had an excellent first teacher (David Mooney) and to have had the opportunity to study with many great teachers and most of the Pilates elders.  Romana Kryzanowska, Sari Pace […]

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