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Is Pilates Good for You?

is Pilates good

Is Pilates Good for You? My initial response is YES, Pilates is good for every body!  In fact, I think that every body should be doing Pilates. Joseph Pilates believed this too! He wanted the world to do his exercises at least 4 days a week, as outlined in his book Return to Life through […]

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6 More Fitness Myths

Fitness Myths

It’s interesting what gets spread around and accepted as fitness “facts” when in truth they’re fitness myths, or misinformation. Or as some folks like to call it, “FAKE News!” Whether it’s fitness, health, nutrition, religion, or politics, sometimes it can be challenging to know what’s a myth or truth.  With almost anything, a Google search […]

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How cool is this?  To get an email, out of the blue telling me that has been ranked by Feedspot as having one of the Top 75 Pilates Blogs on the web for 2017. Then to find out that out of 75 Pilates blogs, Centerworks is ranked 11th!  Woo Hoo!! I love teaching Pilates, […]

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The Many Ways Pilates Improves Your Health

Pilates Improves

Inherently, all physical fitness systems work, in one way or another, toward improving the health of anyone who takes them up. However, Pilates is head and shoulders above most fitness programs when it comes to health benefits, achieving them in a much less strenuous way. Pilates improves whole-body health without straining muscles and joints. Since […]

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3 Great Reasons to Practice Pilates Principles While You Walk

There are a lot of reasons why I love Pilates, and definitely more than 3 great reasons to practice Pilates principles while you walk.  While walking can be a fitness activity, it’s also a very necessary daily activity.  And HOW you walk can dramatically affect youprir health.  It’s great to think that you’re getting a […]

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Celebrate Your Pilates Progress – Cheers to Your Success!

Celebrate Your Pilates Progress for a Healthy Mind and Body

What’s Your Favorite Way to Celebrate Your Pilates Progress… It is always fun to see how far we’ve come. Who doesn’t love a great before and after shot of a home makeover, a weight loss success story or fashion makeover? But what about celebrating your Pilates progress…How far have you come in your Pilates journey? […]

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How is Your Spring Fitness Plan Shaping Up?

How is your spring fitness plan shaping up? What are YOUR favorite spring fitness activities? Do you enjoy getting outside for long walks? Hitting the road or trails on your bike for a ride? Participating in sports like Soccer, Baseball, or Softball? Participating in running races or triathlons? Or maybe having fun gardening, playing golf, […]

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The Best Shoes to Wear When Teaching Pilates

Ellen asked me a great question about what shoes I recommend wearing when teaching Pilates.  Of course our clients exercise in bare feet or socks, but what should a Pilates teacher wear on their feet? Ellen’s Question:  I do get on the reformer to demonstrate during client sessions – is there anything that is easy […]

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Pilates Training for Healthy Hips

  Another Centerworks Awesome Workshop! Exercise Strategies To Improve Hip Strength, Flexibility, and Mobility Pilates Training for Healthy Hips Workshop coming to Pilates Performance & Rehab in Lawrence KS. This 3-hour Centerworks® Awesome workshop with Pilates and functional movement expert, Aliesa George, is designed for experienced Pilates students, and Pilates teachers to discover exercises and […]

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Simple Seated Knee Exercise

Strengthen the Quadriceps & Improve Patella (knee cap) Tracking to Help Reduce Knee Pain This is the second knee exercise in the “TV” Knee Series to help strengthen the muscles around the knees especially the Quadriceps and also improve tracking of the Patella (knee cap) as you straighten the leg.  This is a simple knee […]

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