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Improving Plantar Fasciitis requires Paying Attention to a Lot More than Just Your Feet

Over the years, I can’t even remember how many clients have walked thru my doors complaining of foot pain caused by Plantar Fasciitis.  Some were avid runners, others were nurses or school teachers, they either have jobs that required them to be on their feet all day, or they’ve made such poor footwear and shoe […]

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Exercises for Healthy Feet: Stretch Your Calves & Strengthen Your Arches

Articulating the Ankle: Improving Mobility To Point & Flex Your Feet Are you searching for the right exercises for healthy feet?  Are your calf muscles tight?  Do you ever have heel pain?  Do you hop around with toe cramps? or arch cramps? Are you plagued with Plantar Fasciitis problems?  Are you still searching for foot […]

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Foot Pain Doesn't Have To Increase in January!

Just saw this article posted online – “Foot Pain Will Increase in January!”   It says that there is an increase in Foot Pain, because people are starting to get up off the couch and exercise!  Oh the joys of those New Year’s resolutions.   The recommendations are to start slow and get the right […]

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Fantastic Feet Exercises for Plantar Fasciitis and Bunions

I recently received these great questions from Cynthia about picking the right exercises from my book Fantastic Feet to help with plantar fasciitis and bunion issues. Thought that there might be a few other people out there searching for solutions for foot care and foot exercises that will benefit these two common foot problems. Here […]

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