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NCCA Accreditation Approved for the PMA Pilates Certification Program

BIG NEWS for the Pilates Community Today! Pilates Method Alliance Receives Accreditation of its PMA Pilates Certification Program from the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA)  This is a fantastic step forward and the PMA has been working long and hard for many years to establish standards for our industry.  Congratulations to the PMA and […]

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Pilates and Pregnancy: Exercise Guidelines – Resources for More Information

Darlene Asks about Pilates and Pregnancy… Dear Aliesa, I am teaching a Pilates class and one of the participants has told me that she is pregnant. She has been doing Pilates for a while and is strong and knows her limits, but I am looking for a resource where I can research the limitations and […]

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Pilates Training and Peripheral Atrophy

I received this question about Pilates training by email today, thought it relevant for a blog posting: Question: Is Pilates appropriate for someone with peripheral atrophy? Balancing is becoming more & more difficult so yoga is no longer an option. If appropriate, please tell me where I might find a certified teacher/instructor. Please advise. Answer: […]

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