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Foot Care Q&A: Leg Alignment & Fixing Pronated Feet

I received some great foot care questions from Matt  about  leg alignment, toe out walking, and orthotics!  And  he’s not the only one out there challenged with these problems… Foot Care Questions: “I apparently pronate and have had custom orthotics for decades.  I hate them and am trying to wean off by way of store-bought […]

Posted by Aliesa George in Foot Care & Foot Fitness, Functional Movement.

Q & A and Pilates Exercise Tips: Foot Fitness for Runners

I’m in a Running Group on LinkedIn, and recently received this great question about foot fitness, running, and orthotics. Here’s the Question: “Aliesa, your posts are very informative and caught my interest! I saw an article recently about not using orthotics long term for running. I pronate and my arches are falling.  Do you have […]

Posted by Aliesa George in Foot Care & Foot Fitness, Pilates, Running.