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Push-Up Pull-Up: Tips to Improve Upper Body Strength for Push-Ups

Push-up Pull-up

Did you know that by practicing the Push-Up Pull-Up phase of your push-up exercises you can improve upper body strength and successfully do a great, get all the way down and back up again push-up?   (This post with tips to improve your push-up pull-up technique is Part 3 of a four-part article series to […]

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Chin Up Exercises Aren’t Just for Men – Everybody Needs Strong Arms & Shoulders

I love how things pop up when you least expect them!  I made a commitment to myself to get strong enough in 2012 to do ten chinup exercises!  It’s the middle of April and so far with my own training plan, I’m up to four reps. Slow and steady progress…I’m going to celebrate it being […]

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