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Twisting Exercise Tips – Improve Core Rotation for Strong Abs and A Healthy Back

 Rotisserie Pulse:  A Core Training Exercise from Pulse Power™ The Daily Dozen – 10 Minute Workout This is one of my favorite twisting exercises to strengthen the oblique abdominal muscles and improve body awareness for efficient, sequential rotation of the spine.  A lot of the times I see clients initiate rotation for Abdominal exercises by […]

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Pulse Power Fitness Webinar

Pulse-Power Training & the Piezoelectric Effect Harnessing Your Inner Power for Strength, Flexibility & Fitness Discover new levels of personal power to improve your strength, flexibility, and fitness in the Pulse Power Online Workshop. Incorporate these easy and effective Pulse-Power exercises into your workouts and you will rapidly improve core support, balance, and body control. […]

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Core Exercise Video: Pulse Power Ab Workout

Are you ready to get your body in shape?  Are you looking for fun new core exercises  to help build strength and improve your fitness?  Tired of doing the same old crunches? Pulse your way to a tighter, stronger mid-section and better whole-body health with just 10 minutes of Pulse Power training. Check out this […]

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