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Pilates Quote: Good Posture

Good Posture, something we know we really should work on, but seemingly insignificant to pay attention to until our body hurts.  Why isn’t it possible to just have perfect posture?  Because maintaining good posture takes effort.  We have to maintain balanced muscle development to support our bones and our bodies for better body alignment.  Without […]

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Pilates Quote: Preventative Medicine

Preventative medicine isn’t just pills and potions.  There are many things we can do to ensure good health.  It starts with learning how to listen to the body and take care of our daily needs.  Eating healthy foods, getting enough rest, and daily exercise can go a long way to preventing illness and injury to […]

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Pilates Quote: Functional Movement

Hard work doesn’t always have to be hard…  By training efficient functional movement habits, so that all muscles are properly developed and working harmoniously together, tasks or “work” that once seemed difficult can become effortless. Are you ready to enjoy a little more pleasure in your life?  Do Pilates, it makes everything better…  but especially […]

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Pilates Quote: Contrology

Contrology is such a cool word and aptly describes the power and benefits of the Pilates Method. Who doesn’t want to enjoy the benefits of complete coordination of body, mind, and spirit?  And what better way to connect mind, body, and spirit than through movement. Using the Pilates system, and doing the exercises on the […]

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Pilates Quote

This Pilates quote is one of many powerful phrases or “words of wisdom” that Joseph Pilates shared in his book Return to Life.  It’s an interesting concept to contemplate. So, just curious… who is in charge of your body?  Does your body easily and willingly do anything you ask?  How much effort to you put […]

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Pilates Quote: Pilates Mat Exercises

Pilates Mat exercises (or any other form of physical activity) can be an excellent way to refresh the body and relax the mind.  Adequate rest and getting a good night’s sleep is one of the key components to whole-body health. But for many people, falling asleep, and/or staying asleep can be a challenge…  Racing thoughts, […]

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Pilates Quotes: Patience and Persistence

There is power in learning to harness Patience and Persistence to help you stay focused to achieve your goals. In our point and click world we are a society that has developed a belief in instant gratification.  We want things NOW!  Waiting any length of time for anything seems like an unreasonable bother. But it […]

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Pilates Quote: Play

Children live to PLAY, but many adults forget what taking time to play is all about.  How well-balanced is your life between work and play?  Can you see how all work and no play not only can make you dull, and zap your vitality? Generally speaking, men are pretty good at taking time to play, […]

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Pilates Quote: Accomplishments

Accomplishments. Goals. Life Purpose. Calling. Legacy…  Are you on your path to make an impact and achieve your dreams, desires, and destiny? The most important part of the equation to keep you heading in the right direction is YOUR HEALTH!  Whether you’re goal is to be the next Nobel Prize winner, or the world’s best […]

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Pilates Quote: Physical Fitness

Do you really KNOW why you’re exercising and participating in a physical fitness program?  Do you have a goal in mind with each and every workout?  Do your workouts wear you out, and leave you wiped out, unable to do anything more than crawl home and take a nap?  Or do you find that time […]

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