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Centerworks Shoulder Workshops:

Develop Strength, Flexibility, and Fitness for Heatlhy Shoulders with these Awesome Workshops Don’t miss this opportunity to get your arms and shoulders in tip-top shape with these TWO Shoulder Workshops from Centerworks. Mark your calendar and register NOW to join Aliesa George, PMA-CPT on Saturday, February 1, 2014 in Topeka, KS at Pilates Performance & Rehab, for these […]

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Pilates Arm and Shoulder Exercises to Progress to Hanging with Ease

Improve upper body strength and conditioning with your Pilates Workouts Are you eager to incorporate hanging exercises into your workouts?  Have Hanging Leg Lifts and Chin-Ups been on your wish list of exercises you’d like to be strong enough to do?  Or maybe rock climbing is in your future… Baby steps may need to be […]

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Pilates Training Tips: Prepartory Exercises for Side Plank

Here are some Pilates training tips and preparatory exercises for safe shoulders and a strong core for success with Side Plank  in an Advanced Pilates Mat workout. In Pilates Matwork the Side Plank exercise is a part of a higher intermediate or advanced workout.  In Joseph Pilates’ book Return to Life, Joe calls this exercise […]

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At Home Shoulder Exercises

Sue Asks: Do you have any DVD’s that could be useful in understanding shoulder mechanics that I could use at home to stretch, strengthen, improve my upper body? Since I’m in California, it’s unlikely I will get to you and I’ve not been able to afford the “trainers” I’ve contacted so far in my town.

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