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Expectations – Are You On Target?


Are you getting what you expect out of life? Expectations are an important driver for getting to your goals.  Is what you expect to achieve in line with the actions you’re taking to reach your goals? 

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Are You In Control of your Brain & Body?

Are you a control-freak, or living live completely out-of-control? Joseph Pilates called his Method of exercise “Contrology.”  Contrology is the complete coordination of body, mind, and Spirit. Purposeful control over your body during exercise will gradually and progressively help you acquire the same natural rhythm, coordination, and control with all subconscious activities. When mind, body, […]

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Believe & Achieve

Believe & Achieve

Believe in Yourself! Your beliefs about what you are capable of set the bar for your achievements. The sky is the limit, and nothing can hold you back from achieving your dreams if you choose to Believe.

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Mindful Motivational Tip: How To Achieve Health Improvement with Progression

Progression Is Seen with Repetition.  Did you ride a bike perfectly the first time you hopped on, or did you have to get on and fall off, on and fall off…until with repetition you mastered the art of balance, steering, and pedaling to successfully ride your bike. We grow up and sometimes forget that effort […]

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Will Power or Won’t Power: Motivation for Health Improvement

Thursday’s Thought for Health Improvement from Aliesa George and Discover how tapping into your Will Power can help you achieve health improvement success. Which Power is stronger in your life, Will Power or Won’t Power?  Do you even realize which power you’re tapping into on a regular basis?  I see so many people give […]

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Aliesa George – Official Guide Expert for Pilates on

I’m thrilled to be the Official Guide Expert for Pilates at Selfgrowth. If Selfgrowth hasn’t crossed your resource radar yet… it’s an excellent place to find articles, information, and experts on all sorts of topics from Success Skills, Relationships, Health & Fitness (my category!), Money & Careers, Mental Health, Spirituality, and Diet & Nutrition. If […]

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