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Pilates CEC Courses – Bolting Basics for Balanced Muscle Development

Bolting Basics System

Mark your calendar and plan to attend the Spring 2014 series of Pilates CEC Courses starting with Bolting Basics. Discover the amazing benefits for improving core support, alignment and control with the Centerworks simple unique and easy-to-learn Bolting Basics System. The skills and strategies you will explore during this Bolting Basics workshop will help you […]

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Pilates Teacher Training: Top 10 Benefits of a Great Foundation

Centerworks® Foundations 101: Pilates Teacher-Training Prep Workshop

Are you ready to leave the desk job behind and start down a path towards your dream job as a Pilates teacher? Start your Pilates Teacher Training journey here, with the Centerworks Foundations 101 Workshop.  Check out the Top 10 Benefits of this interactive and action packed 3-day class that will kick-start your Pilates Career. […]

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Questions About Becoming a Pilates Teacher

I recently had someone drop me a contact request for Pilates Teacher Training information and thought she had some great questions that might be helpful to post in my Centerworks Pilates blog. Think I may turn this into a regular section and update & add posts with questions as they come in. It’s so important that […]

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