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6 More Fitness Myths

Fitness Myths

It’s interesting what gets spread around and accepted as fitness “facts” when in truth they’re fitness myths, or misinformation. Or as some folks like to call it, “FAKE News!” Whether it’s fitness, health, nutrition, religion, or politics, sometimes it can be challenging to know what’s a myth or truth.  With almost anything, a Google search […]

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Foot Care Q&A: Leg Alignment & Fixing Pronated Feet

I received some great foot care questions from Matt  about  leg alignment, toe out walking, and orthotics!  And  he’s not the only one out there challenged with these problems… Foot Care Questions: “I apparently pronate and have had custom orthotics for decades.  I hate them and am trying to wean off by way of store-bought […]

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Ankle Sprains Influenced by Foot Position During Walking & Running

Have you ever sprained your ankle?  Did it turn into a nagging chronic injury? I recently came across a synopsis of a study that was published in the June online edition of the AJSM (American Journal of Sports Medicine) that shows a correlation between ankle alignment and ankle sprains.    Ankle sprains are the most […]

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Moving Backwards Can Help Improve Muscle Strength for Knee Injuries

A study was just released, “Moving Backward Helps Injured Knees Move Ahead.” I find this research fascinating as I have been exercising backwards for years. Results show that people who use backwards locomotive movements on treadmills and elliptical machines have greater improvements in quadriceps and hamstring strength, as well as better aerobic capacity that a […]

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