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Body Image: Is Your Brain & Body The Same Size?

Do You, Like, Love, or Hate Your Shape & Size… Do you feel Skinny, Perfect just the Way You Are, or Super-sized?  Does how you FEEL, and how you look match? Or is your brain, and body image, a little out of alignment? This week has been a reality check for me in evaluating the […]

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Reduce Weight, Reduce Chronic Inflammation, Reduce Risk of Cancer

I was sitting at the gym waiting for my sweetie to finish his workout and picked up a copy of the June 2nd Science News magazine to read.  Found a really interesting article by Nathan Seppa, “Weight Loss May Cut Cancer Risk.” Since I’ve been dealing with chronic inflammation issues my entire life… and in […]

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Are You Adding Healthy Habits to Your Day?

So it’s a new year, and everyone’s back on the band-wagon to get healthier (myself included).  There are so many choices and things to do it can be overwhelming.  And then there’s the caveat that not every exercise, supplement, or wellness activity is safe and appropriate for everyone. If you feel like you’re wandering and […]

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Are You Getting Fit the Wii Way?

It’s not difficult to believe that the American Council on Exercise (ACE) has named technology-based fitness as one of it’s top trends for 2009. And that ACE has commissioned several studies over the past three years to evaluate the benefits of using video games for an exercise program. I posted an article about my Wii […]

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